Bilgi Publishing, Distribution & Bookstores Inc. is one of the oldest and most renowned publishing houses in Turkey with a wide selection of books mainly in Turkish. Bilgi was established by literature aficionado Ahmet Tevfik Küflü in 1956 and continues to be a family and employee owned business.

With its strong experience in distribution, the company has been a reliable partner to many international and local businesses including chain bookstores and hypermarkets, distribution companies, corporate clients as well as many independent bookstores in far corners of the country.

Bilgi Publishing strives to serve readers with quality books with substance by contemporary authors, famed journalists, reputable academicians and public figures. Since it was established, Bilgi Inc. has published over 4500 titles, from which more than 1300 are currently in print.

Bilgi Inc. publishes a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books for adults, young adults and children.

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For more information on Bilgi Inc. please contact: info@bilgiyayinevi.com.tr
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